Measuring the birdshot experience

Receiving a birdshot uveitis diagnosis, then coping with its effects on vision, plus all the clinic visits, tests and the effects of treatments, have profound effects on many areas of a person’s life. Identifying, measuring and raising awareness of the wider effects of a rare condition like birdshot requires research. Recently published work carried out in Birmingham, UK, has moved this topic forward.

The researchers directly measured several aspects of the quality of life experienced by a group of people with birdshot uveitis. This was done by using a series of questionnaires to create a ‘health utility value’ for birdshot.

The researchers hope that their work ‘could lead to a change in the way [birdshot] patients are assessed and the care they receive.’

Their research was supported by a grant from Fight for Sight/Birdshot Uveitis Society.

You can read about the research here: Creating a Health Utility Value for Birdshot Chorioretinopathy.