ZOE COVID-19 webinar on vaccines and a reduced immune system

The latest COVID-19 webinar (3rd March 2021) from ZOE, also available on YouTube, is about the COVID19 vaccines and specifically how well it works on those who have a suppressed immune system.   There is also an interesting blog for you to read if you don’t have the time to watch the ZOE webinar  but want to find out more about this which is linked to here.

The  British Society of Immunology have also produced a handy guide to the vaccines for covid-19  which may answer some of your questions that you may be anxious about.

We are also reposting the link to the UK’s Uveitis National Clinical Study Group Q&As current
advice (updated on January 8th 2021) which should answer many of your questions:

As always, contact your eye doctor and follow their instructions if you have any unanswered
questions about the COVID-19 vaccines and your personal immunosuppressant treatment