More on Vitamin D

Those of you who attended the Birdshot Day on 3 March will remember our very inspiring speaker, Professor Glen Jeffery and his research into Vitamin D.

Coincidentally, John Hall, one of our Directors, was diving in Palau last week  and found a very extensive article on Vitamin D.  (for those of you who, like me, don’t know where Palau is – I looked it up – it is an island off the Philippines).

The full article can be found at

The article reviews all the research and all the arguments both for and against Vitamin D and looks at why it might be a useful remedy.

Please remember the warnings though – those of us who are on steroids and immunosuppressants are already putting some strain on our liver/kidneys, so please ALWAYS check with your consultant if you want to add supplements into your regime, as they can and do interact with your medication.


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