Your Ideas Please for Fundraising

Dear Birdshotters and friends

It is now just over a month since the Birdshot Day and time to start thinking about our plan to raise funds to make a difference in all our lives.  Not just for a biobank, but for research projects mentioned on the Day, that are looking at less toxic methods to control our Birdshot.  As you all know we are a very special group and belong to quite an exclusive ‘club’!  This is why it is so important that we all put our heads together and come up with ideas and plans to raise as much money as possible for our wonderful group of Birdshotters.

This is something that many of you are already thinking about and have come up with unique ways of doing. We have bake sales coming up, used book sales and of course the Carrot Walk in September. Our team of walkers is growing all the time, and I suspect we will have an amazing group ready to take London by storm!!  If you want to join us and need any help with registration or setting up your just giving page then please get in touch at  Sue Wheeler has very kindly offered to help with any difficulties.  It promises to be a fun event and despite the fact that we will be walking for 6 miles (our younger walkers) or 15 miles (the rest of us) through London at night time, I think we will have a laugh.  If anyone wants to walk with a full trolley of refreshments, that would be extremely welcome too!  We will be organising ‘training’ walks over the coming months which will be a great excuse for us all to get together and as most of us like to chat, its a good excuse to do that too!

If any of you have creative ways in which you can help raise further funds, I would love to hear about them. We can help you with BUS posters and leaflets to let people know who we are and what we are doing.

I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about how we can move things forward.  Contact me at


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