Navigating the City workshop

BUS has been contacted by Jo Morrison who is working with University College London’s ‘Gene and Cell Therapy Group’ and Moorfield’s Eye Hospital to run a one-day creative workshop, ‘Navigating the City’, at Moorfields on 19 March 2016. The workshop aims to bring together a community of research scientists from UCL with people experiencing sight loss, in order to better understand the ways in which those with visual impairment navigate the city. The outputs from the day will help to inform further research into sight loss.

This workshop is aimed primarily at participants whose vision is impaired by inherited conditions such as Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy, Stargardt’s Disease, Retinitis Pigmentosa and Chromatopsia, but they have also extended the invitation to people who suffer from Birdshot. It will be a friendly, informal and collaborative activity. Attached is the leaflet that they sent me. Please get in touch with me at  or contact Andi Skilton directly (his details are in the below link) if you are interested in going.

Further details here: Navigating the City

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