Steroid fuelled fundraising

Clare Wood, a senior project manager based in Newcastle, knows from first-hand experience what living with Birdshot is like because, before her own diagnosis, her father had suffered from the same condition.  Her diagnosis came as something of a shock as she was just 41 at the time, and also because Birdshot is not supposed to run in families.

Clare is fortunate to be under the care of Mr Pandit at Newcastle Royal Infirmary, who looks after quite a number of Birdshot patients.  She had been taking a break from treatment, but following a recent flare, she is currently on aggressive treatment to get it under control again.

Naturally, BUS was delighted when Clare contacted us at the beginning of the year and said that her New Year’s resolution was to raise funds for Birdshot over the course of 2016.

“I’m a busy person and the steroids have given me a real boost, although I really would like to sleep more than 4 hours! My husband and kids (19 &17) are great and support me 100%. I feel that I need to do something, even if it is small, to try and aid research into this blooming disease.  My team at work are fab and are all giving their own time to support the fundraising and me.”

 Clare’s plan is to try and organize a small fundraising event each month, and her daughter has also agreed to take part in the Great North Run this year to help with the fundraising.

Recently we heard back from Clare who has been busy making great plans:

In January, she organised a ‘dress down day’ in her office and raised £70.

In February, she is doing a rare or unusual food tasting for Rare Diseases Day on 29th February.

Other activities which will involve her work colleagues, who like to do things together, include:

  • Cocktail-making classes
  • Bikini boot camp
  • Cookery sessions
  • Comedy night

Her daughter Ella has secured a place in the Great North Run, so we will be setting up her Just Giving page shortly.

On Saturday 15th October 2016, as a grand finale to these fundraising activities, Claire is organising a micro-brewery beer festival.

Clare has roped in her fellow Birdshotter Carly, who also lives in the Newcastle area and whom she met via the Birdshot Uveitis Society, to help with her fund-raising efforts.  Carly is trying to secure raffle prizes for the beer festival from local businesses.  Carly is also organising a work’s event of Rare Diseases day.

These great fund-raising ideas are a wonderful initiative. If Birdshotters in the North East area want to buy a ticket and go to the beer festival and enjoy the festivities, Clare has 175 to sell.   They will be going on sale in July, so if you are interested in going, watch this space!

She is also on the look-out for donations of prizes for the beer festival raffle. If anyone can help, they would be most welcome.

In the first instance, please contact and we will put Clare in touch with you.



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