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Birdshotters and those interested in the treatment of Birdshot Uveitis may  be interested in visiting the  Scottish Uveitis Network’s  (SUN) website  This is a relatively new site with clear well written patient information available about a range of immunosuppressive therapies.

You will find their patient information leaflets here.   SUN includes information about the following:- Adalimumab, Azathioprine, Ciclosporin, Infliximab, Methotrexate Tacrolimus Mycophenolate

Sun Treatment Guidelines (108 pages) is  also worth looking at.  It is intended for clinicians and doctors to help ensure consistency of treatment is offered to all uveitis patients in Scotland.   The pathways includes information about other less commonly used drugs and may be particularly of interest if your Birdshot is stubborn or you don’t tolerate the drugs you are on and want to educate yourself about possible alternatives so that you are prepared for what might be suggested to you.

  • Page 56 – 57 refers to drugs normally used to treat Birdshot Uveitis.
  • Page 62 – 67 contains a useful section which deals with immunosuppression and pregnancy.

All the information on this website has gone through a comprehensive committee/review process involving both patients and clinicians from across Scotland and is the result of a considerable amount of hard work by the people involved.

We think that the website is easy to navigate and extremely well laid out.


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