Resolving Inflammation

Birdshot is an inflammatory disease, and if we can find out why we produce this inflammatory response, we may be well along the way to finding a cure.

In 2012, Nature Reviews Immunology (a publisher in the field of immunology) organised a conference bringing together scientists and clinicians from the academic world and pharmaceutical industries to discuss how we can turn off the rampant and undesirable inflammatory responses.  The big question for the conference was whether they could find a way to harness mediators involved in resolution responses to treat patients with chronic inflammatory autoimmune diseases (like Birdshot).

The Rheumatology Research Group from the College of Medial and Dental Sciences at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham asked five of the speakers from the conference to share their thoughts on this emerging field of medicine.

For those of you who have a subscription with Nature Reviews Immunology, you can get hold of the full article.  For the rest, you can find the summary at:

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