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BUS recently received an invitation below and would like to advertise the following Uveitis event and encourage members to attend if they live  close by and are are interested and able.  It’s a great initiative and gives you an opportunity to meet others who suffer from Birdshot and learn more about the Birdshot and Uveitis research that is being undertaken at the Wilmer Eye Institute.


We are excited to invite you to the Living with Uveitis Inaugural Lecture and Reception. The Ocular Immunology Division is making plans to start a uveitis support group called Living with Uveitis. The goal of this event is to introduce patients who are eager to meet with others facing the same disease and gauge interest in the support group. We hope this group will benefit you, as well as your families by providing educational information that will spark conversation.  Please find below the flyer for the event.

The event will be held July 17th from 6-8pm. This includes an educational lecture and a social reception with food and drinks. The topic of this meeting will be The Latest in Treatments, Research and Clinical Trials; our guest speakers are Jennifer E. Thorne, MD, PhD and Bryn M. Burkholder, MD. It is our hope that this meeting will encourage you and give insight into the many research projects we are involved in.

We would love for you to join us for this opportunity to fellowship and make connections with those Living with Uveitis.

Warm Regards,

Antonia Nwankwo-Marshall, BS, COA

Research Coordinator



US Birdshot research fundraising initiative

We also learned about a very exciting fundraising and research initiative which Birdshotter Meredith Cross has helped to get establish.  Its called the “Jennifer E. Thorne, MD, PhD, Birdshot Research and Endowed Research Funds ” and has been set up to support the Birdshot research being undertaken by Jennifer Thorne.  You can read more about this in the Wilmer Eye Birdshot Article.  All donations to this fund are very welcome and this is an excellent way for US Birdshot Uveitis Society members to support Birdshot research work being carried out in the States.   This is great news for Birdshotters across the world because  the more collaborative research that is undertaken, the better the chance that Birdshot will be understood, and more targeted treatments can then be found.

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