New BUS leaflet

Birdshot Uveitis Society’s first leaflet has recently gone to print and we are due to receive a 1000 copies shortly.

The printers,  Docuprint Limited,  have very kindly agreed to sponsor the costs of our first leaflet and we are extremely grateful to them for this generosity.  We would particularly like to thank Sarah Thompson my account manager who managed the leaflet from start to finish.    This is a really helpful and useful form of support and we are truly grateful for it in this economically difficult climate.

We hope to be distributing the leaflet to birdshot patients via hospital  eye clinics.  Please do get in touch with us if you would like us to send you a supply or you know anyone who would like to receive a copy.  Our email address is




Controversy of complementary therapy

This is an interesting article that I found on the OSN Super Site concerning complementary therapies for ophthalmic problems.

Whilst it does not contain any information about birdshot treatment it provides food for thought and  a reasonably balanced debate on the topic which I know many people with birdshot have an interest in. Continue reading

Seeing better with Bates

The Bates method (Do You Want Better Eyesight Without Glasses?)

Born in 1860, Dr Bates was a New York ophthalmologist who devised an alternative way of helping people to improve their eyesight naturally using various relaxation and stimulation techniques.  The full article about bates can be found in the self-help section of the site:-

This is not a cure for birdshot but it might help improve your vision.

Easy Fundraising

We’ve signed up to Easy Fundraising so that  you can give to Uveitis Information Group (Birdshot Uveitis Society’s affiliated charity)  simply by shopping on-line via Easy Fundraising’s website or using their search engine.

Easy Fund-Raising

This is an easy on-line  way to help raise money for Uveitis Information Group.  Retailers such as Amazon, Next, Argos, John Lewis, Comet, iTunes, eBay or HMV, give money when you shop-online via Easy-Fundraising.  All you need to do is  to sign up for free to raise money while you shop!Have you heard about easyfundraising yet? It’s the easiest way to help raise money for Uveitis Information Group. Continue reading

The Giving Machine


We have recently signed up to the Giving Machine  so that you can make donations on-line while you shop.  Its easy – you just have to register and choose Uveitis Information Group as the charity that you support.

You can now generate free cash donations for Uveitis Information Group (BUS’s affiliated charity)  every time you shop online.

The Giving Machine

It will not cost you anything extra – the online shop pays the donation on your behalf. Just go to :

  • JOIN as a shopper/giver
  • CHOOSE to support Uveitis Information Group
  • REMEMBER to shop at TheGivingMachine every time you buy online

TheGivingMachine™ You Shop, They Give.

Rea's story – Birdshot troubles

Isn’t it interesting how, when life is absolutely perfect and you couldn’t want for anything more – along comes something that you definitely don’t want just so you can experience a bit of angst!

So, there I was, aged 51, back in 2005, in the perfect job (Director of Social Services) – the one I had spent my whole life dreaming about – and living an amazing life with my weeks being spent in Winchester, one of the most beautiful cities in the UK, and my weekends in London.

I had a little cottage in Hampshire with its back garden running straight down to the river – breakfasts spent communing with the ducks and days spent in my office in the castle, working with amazing Hampshire people and ensuring that we delivered the best possible social care to all those in need.

Back in my home town, London, for the weekend, I took advantage of the wonderful cultural life and saw a play at the Shakespeare globe, followed by a meal. Shortly after the meal, I started to feel very strange, aching bones, dizziness, pounding headache and a feeling that I might just be sick! So I made my excuses and went home, straight to bed. What a Saturday night – was woken halfway through the night with violent vomiting, a headache so bad I thought I was dying and at some stage, I passed out. Woke up several hours later with a huge bruise on my face and feeling very delicate. Spent Sunday in bed and went to work in Winchester on Monday, still feeling very fragile. Recovered by Wednesday. Continue reading

Cheap Glasses

I am not at all  sure we should be advertising supermarkets like Asda particularly as they will help put high street optometrists out of business but I recently read about  this price war  they started .  Could be useful if, because of your eye problems, you are going through a phase of having to change your glasses frequently, or if like me you have a habit of losing glasses.
The newspaper reported that the supermarket giant Asda has started a price war with high street opticians by launching an ‘all-round’ price for spectacles, regardless of the complexity of the prescription. They will cost £50 for standard frames and £70 for designer frames.