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This website does exactly what it says – you can raise money for BUS every time you shop online and it won’t cost you anything, it’s that easy! Simply sign up at www.easyfundraising.org.uk and specify “Birdshot Uveitis Society” as the charity for which you are raising funds, then every time you make any purchase online you just need to do so via the easyfundraising website and the retailer will automatically make a donation to BUS. There is absolutely no cost to you, the site covers all of the major online retailers, and BUS benefits from a donation.

I recently booked the flights for a family holiday this way and we just got a donation of £17.85!

Please, if you do even a little shopping online, sign up today, we really do need your help!

New BUS Fundraising Brochure

We have a brand new fundraising brochure, pictured below.   The brochure was designed by Alison from John F Hunt – thanks to  BUS member John Hall, who is also one of our Directors.  Printing costs were sponsored by Premier Print and Promotions Ltd.  It clearly and simply explains Birdshot, why we need to raise funds for research and the work of BUS.  We are so grateful to John Hall, Alison Sherring and Premier Print for providing this brochure at no cost to BUS.

The brochure can also be used by all of us to help raise the profile of Birdshot. It can also help to explain Birdshot Uveitis to your friends, family members, work colleagues and all those NHS and health professionals who you come in contact with. You may want to give some copies to your optician or GP, so that we can get Birdshot better known.

Please let us know if you would like copies to help you with this and with your fund-raising efforts.








Fight for OUR Sight – support the Carrots Nightwalk

On Friday 21st September 2012, Birdshotters and their friends are joining with Fight for Sight on the Carrots Night Walk.  Already, because  of the efforts of just a few of our group, friends and family,  over £2,000 has been raised.  Our target is  £12,000,  so we have quite a  way to go.  If you are able to take part in the walk, and help raise funds, please let us know as soon as possible.

If you are not able to take part in the walk, please support our efforts by donating to our team of walkers via the special team fund raising page at Just Giving.

Funds raised will go towards much needed research on Birdshot – hopefully we can find better treatments and maybe even a cure or prevention of Birdshot.  We would be grateful for any donation – even very small amounts make a huge difference.  We have 300 members, and if each of those were able to donate just £10 we would be able to find £3,000 for research.  This is OUR future and the future of the next generation – hopefully they will not have to suffer Birdshot!   So please turn out your pockets and make a small donation,  especially if you are not able to join us on the actual walk yourself.

Thank you in advance for any small amount you are able to donate, and a HUGE thank you to our members from the UK, Ireland, Canada, USA and Australia who have already donated to this cause – you are stars!




So please dig deep and donate now.


Lorraine’s Birdshot Story

Lorraine is the BUS fund-raiser and was diagnosed with Birdshot in September 2011.  She was asked to tell her story to her local gym/club and they have published it on their web-site.  Wonderful – not only does it help us raise the profile, and hopefully get some donations in for the Carrot Walk, but it also means that Birdshot stories are now speeding around the world.  If anyone else can think of a way to get their stories into local or national media – please, please do.

Here is Lorraine

And here is the article Lorraine wrote for her local club:

I have been a member of the Park Club for over 5 years now and spend a huge amount of time in the adult bar and restaurant…I mean the gym!! The club has become such a big part of my family’s life over that period and never more so than now.

Last September I was diagnosed with an incurable eye disease called Birdshot Chorioretinopathy. This is a very rare and potentially blinding form of posterior uveitis which has a profound effect on your eyesight. It has changed my sight and my life in many ways over the last few months. I had pretty good vision up until June 2011 and then, within a few short months, I was unable to see well enough to cross the road safely on my own.

Birdshot is a very strange disease, it is quite mysterious and its progress and outcome vary enormously with every patient. It is often misdiagnosed and I feel really lucky that I live near an amazing hospital like Moorfields which has become my second home (after the Park Club!). The treatment for Birdshot is basically a lot of very toxic medication. I take more tablets now than I ever thought physically possible…I had to get over my tablet-taking phobia very quickly with this illness! I take very high doses of steroids and immunosuppressant drugs to control the inflammation in my eyes and to shut down my immune system. This, hopefully, will help to preserve my eyesight.

Since I started taking all these drugs I’ve seen some improvement in my vision and although I had a relapse in January I think I am making progress. This is something that unfortunately isn’t going to go away but will be part of my life forever. I’m trying to spend more time in the gym and doing classes because it’s really important to keep fit and strong when you are taking these kinds of drugs.

I’ve also become involved with The Birdshot Uveitis Society who have helped me a lot. In September I am taking part in the London Carrots Nightwalk for Fight For Sight. The aim of the walk is to raise money for a Birdshot Biobank to help fund research into this disease. I believe this is where the answers will lie. We need to find out why people get this eye condition and what can be done to treat it in a more effective way.

We are quite a rare group, us “Birdshotters” and our numbers are small. A Birdshot Biobank would really aid researchers and scientists interested in finding out more about the condition and would also help with devising better treatment options for sufferers.

Some fantastic friends from the Park Club are joining me on this walk and I think we will make a difference to the outcome for people like me. If you feel able to join us on our walk or to donate to this very personal cause, I would be so grateful! You can donate via my JustGiving page at http://www.justgiving.com/Lorraine-O-Mullane

Thanks for taking the time to read my essay!


Your Ideas Please for Fundraising

Dear Birdshotters and friends

It is now just over a month since the Birdshot Day and time to start thinking about our plan to raise funds to make a difference in all our lives.  Not just for a biobank, but for research projects mentioned on the Day, that are looking at less toxic methods to control our Birdshot.  As you all know we are a very special group and belong to quite an exclusive ‘club’!  This is why it is so important that we all put our heads together and come up with ideas and plans to raise as much money as possible for our wonderful group of Birdshotters.

This is something that many of you are already thinking about and have come up with unique ways of doing. We have bake sales coming up, used book sales and of course the Carrot Walk in September. Our team of walkers is growing all the time, and I suspect we will have an amazing group ready to take London by storm!!  If you want to join us and need any help with registration or setting up your just giving page then please get in touch at info@birdshot.org.uk.  Sue Wheeler has very kindly offered to help with any difficulties.  It promises to be a fun event and despite the fact that we will be walking for 6 miles (our younger walkers) or 15 miles (the rest of us) through London at night time, I think we will have a laugh.  If anyone wants to walk with a full trolley of refreshments, that would be extremely welcome too!  We will be organising ‘training’ walks over the coming months which will be a great excuse for us all to get together and as most of us like to chat, its a good excuse to do that too!

If any of you have creative ways in which you can help raise further funds, I would love to hear about them. We can help you with BUS posters and leaflets to let people know who we are and what we are doing.

I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about how we can move things forward.  Contact me at info@Birdshot.org.uk


Raise money for BUS when you shop

Do you shop on-line?  If so, there is a very simple way of raising money for BUS without spending any of your own money.

Here is how it works: log on to Easy Fundraising at www.easyfundraising.org.uk and click on the tab that says ‘find a cause’.  Type Birdshot Uveitis Society into the box that displays, and click on the button that says ‘support’ next to Birdshot Uveitis Society.

Once you have done that, just remember to log into easy fundraising every time you want to shop on-line.  You will find all your favourite retailers listed (including Amazon, John Lewis, Argos, etc).  click on the retailer you want to shop from and a new window for that retailer will open up.  Just shop in the normal way, and an automatic donation will be made to BUS!  Hooray!!!




Humberside Local Birdshotter Group and Fundraising

Sue Bridge, a BUS member and a Birdshotter, is setting up a local group for people with Birdshot in the Humberside/Lincolnshire area. She had already set a date for the first meeting, but this had to be cancelled due to bad weather. She is now busy re-organising this first meeting.

Last weekend she and another Birdshotter set up a BUS stall at a local craft fair to advertise Birdshot and to raise money by selling hand made cards and crafts.

Below is a photograph of their stall – it really looks great. This is wonderful publicity for us – any opportunity we can get to help raise the profile of this rare disease helps us along the path of creating more interest and finding better treatments or a cure.

Many thanks Sue for your hard work. Any Birdshotters in the Lincolnshire, Humberside, Yorkshire wanting to attend the local group can email Sue@birdshot.org.uk She is really keen to hear from you.


Sue Bridge sells cards at local craft fair

Sue Bridge sells her hand-made cards at a local craft fair for BUS




The Three Tenners

For those of you who came to the Birdshot Day on Saturday, 3 March, you will have heard Mike Brace with his inspirational opening speech to the Day.

Mike is the BUS professional Advisor. He has long experience in running charities, and he is currently the Chief Executive of VISION 2020 UK which is an umbrella organisation that facilitates greater collaboration and co-operation between organisations that work with people who have eye and vision problems. BUS is a member of VISION 2020 UK.

Mike is helping us to ‘grow’ BUS and is our main speaker for any events we hold. He has been blind from a young age, but that has not stopped him becoming a medal winning Paralympian and he was awarded a CBE for services to sport. He is working on the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.

To celebrate his impending retirement, Mike and two other Chief Executives of charities working with people who have eye problems have decided to take on an extreme challenge to raise money for sight loss causes.

The three of them are calling themselves ‘The Three Tenners’ (and he promises not to sing!). Mike has already competed in a game called Boccia and is about to compete in the Goal Ball challenge this Friday 9 March. He then goes on to a rowing challenge, sailing (he says he hopes to manage this without a seeing guide, so stay out of his way if you see him on the water!), tandem riding, judo, shooting (ohoh – another place to stay away from!), track and field athletics and ‘sound’ tennis.

Mike is truly inspirational and has been such enormous help to us.

If you want to donate to his magnificent fundraising event, go to his Be My Charity page at



Carrots Walk – raising money for Birdshot research

BUS is hoping that as many as 50 walkers will sign up and join the Birdshot Uveitis Society Team for the Carrots Nightwalk  which takes place on Friday 21st September 2012 in London.

Click here if you want to sign up as a walker  for the Carrots Nightwalk and raise money for the Birdshot Biobank.   When you are completing the form, please remember to select Birdshot Biobank in the ‘what you want your money used for section’!  Please also let us know that you have registered to support Birdshot Biobank so your Just Giving fundraising page (which you need to set up) can be linked  to our Team Birdshot page . Don’t forget to invite fit friends and family to  join us on the walk to help us achieve our fundraising target.

If you can’t walk but want to support the Birdshot Biobank initiative by making a donation, please go to our Just Giving  Birdshot Team Page where you can make a donation to support all of our fabulous carrots walkers

We have set a target of £12,000 for the team but it would be great if we are able to exceed this.

Read on for further details about the Biobank and the walk.

We are really excited to be working in partnership with Fight For Sight to raise funds for the Birdshot Biobank and research by participating in the Carrots walk – a 15 mile night walk through London, taking place on 21 September 2012 and we really need your help, either by becoming a walker and raising funds, or by donating to our growing ‘Team Birdshot’ of walkers.

The Birdshot biobank is a really exciting development, which will allow us to hold samples of everybody affected by this disease, and allow us to research why we get it, who gets it,  how we can stop it into the future, and how we can find more targeted and less toxic medication to stop us needlessly losing our sight.

We have already had a grant of £15,000 promised us from Fight for Sight who are very keen to help with this initiative, but this is dependent on us finding additional money from elsewhere.  We are looking to find some sponsorship but we need our members help as well to show that this is something which we support.

If you want further information on Fight For Sight, please go to their website at http://www.fightforsight.org.uk

Please see below for further information on the Carrots Walk:

The route:

Carrots NightWalk – See London in the Dark 2012 will take to the streets of London with the aim of raising funds for vital eye research. In 2012 there will be two walks of different distances. The 15 mile NightWalk is available to anyone of 13 years and above. The 6 mile NightWalk is available for all ages.  More information on the routes

Registration fee:

A registration fee of £25 is required to register and we ask you to pledge to raise a minimum sponsorship of £150. There is no registration fee for children under 13 years taking part in the 6 mile walk.

Where your money goes:

By supporting the Carrots NightWalk, every one of our walkers will help to bring us closer to preventing sight loss and treating Birdshot uveitis. This will help to improve the lives of  us Birdshotters and our family members.

Please join us in this great fundraising opportunity which will be great fun.  We can benefit from the larger infrastructure of  Fight for Sight and still really make an impact and obtain publicity, helping to raise the profile of Birdshot Uveitis.

Please do let us know if you need any help setting up your Just Giving fundraising page, by contacting BUS by email.  We can talk you through this process on the phone if required.


Annie and Rea



Birdshot Day Super Draw!!

This year we are delighted to tell you about our Birdshot Day Super-Draw.

We have some amazing prizes up for grabs with all the proceeds going towards raising funds for the Birdshot Bio Bank.

Some of the prizes include…….

  • Membership for a Day for two at Guards Polo Club with lunch and drinks in the Club House

  • £150 EyeCare Voucher for Specsavers

  • A case of Pink Champagne

  • £100 Voucher for Frame Set and Match

  • A Carluccio’s Hamper

  • A fabulous  quilted patchwork king- sized bedspread made by BUS member Liz McKinnon

………And Many, Many More!!!!!

Tickets will be £5 on the day.

Remember to tell your friends and families to place their  orders with you